Meditate and create your picture art from any photo

Ring String is the world's first string art that you will assemble based on any photo.

How does it work?

All you need to start making your art is already in the box.

Upload your photo

3. Upload your photo

Find the photo you want to convert to String Art. Check our social medias to find an examples of the String Arts we and our customers have already made. Get some inspiration and do not be scared to try something new!

Choose end result

4. Choose end result

After uploading your photo to our application, you will see six variations of end result. Choose the best you are ready to do. Or upload another picture if you do not like end result.
Pss. Three results are AI powered.

Time to start

5. Time to start

Take a comfortable position, choose voiceover and background music. Adjust lights and start your meditation and realaxation. As you already know, you can adjust speed and music. Find the perfect match and enjoy the process.

Wow - it is ready!

6. Wow!

Amaze your friends, loved ones & yourself with the result. Don't forget to write your review & mark us in your social networks.

Ring String content of the box

What is Ring String?

RingString is the world's first string art that you will assemble with your own hands based on any of your photos.

Enjoy a process that is thought out with all the love and attention to every detail. Feel being a creator and artist of a masterpiece conveys your personality and vision.

The kit has everything you need - monofilament and a mount, a phone stand, instructions and canvas for assembly.

To make the process more convenient the packaging is transformed into an easel. All that remains to be done is to fasten the thread over the canvas, scan the QR - code from the instructions and upload a photo. That's it - you can start.

The interactive instructions will be accompanied by a voice assistant recorded by professional speakers.

And to make the process meditative - relaxing music or sounds of nature of your choice will play in the background. The picture is created as a single continuous thread outlining your photo step by step highlighting detail by detail. The picture created by your hands will harmoniously fit into any interior and will look stylish due to the balance of black and white colours as well as your image will surprise and delight guests. RingString not only is an exciting hobby, but also a wonderful gift that can amaze anyone and the main thing in your future picture is its versatility!

You can give a portrait as a packaged gift or an assembled art.

Ring String as a gift?

RingString is a universal gift that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Your favourite photo
Your favourite photo

Create String Art picture from absolutely any photo and decorate the interior with it

Ring String - significant gift
Significant gift

With RingString, you can not only assemble your unique masterpiece but also relax & meditate in the process of creating

Ring String made with attention to detail
Attention to detail

We took care of every little element, you can choose a pleasant voice, speed and background music, and the generator adjusts to you

Ring String leisurely assembly
Leisurely assembly

Straightforward paper instructions, intuitive generator and complete assembly instructions

Customer Reviews

Ring String user feedback

The process of creating a picture is really like meditation. There were no difficulties during the assembly of the picture. The instruction was created wisely, user-friendly interface, it is possible to listen to the audio guide with music and without it.

Ring String customer photo

The set is amazing, I could not stop. I almost finished it for the first evening, but at 4 AM I gave up. I have finished what started next evening. I will buy more for gifts. Maybe I will even make another one myself.

Ring String - customer feedback

I am just delighted with the process of creating a picture. It is a new type of meditation and relaxation - impossible to stop. I want to continue again and again. And the result is fantastic! Very stylish and elegant interior detail.

Ring String customer feedback

I had a great time knitting! Many thanks to the Ringstring team for an interesting and high-quality product, everything is perfectly done and thought out. Now I want to give such a picture to all my family and friends, I will buy it as gifts.

Ring String user feedback

As soon as I saw this set, I knew I had to take it! Very meditative, fascinating process of creating a picture. The selection of a photo takes a lot of time to get an excellent result, one photo had to be run several times, because the final picture changes. The online assistant is beyond praise, high-quality and thoughtful service, and the materials are all on top. Thank you RingString for hours of fun.

Ring String

It took a long time to choose the right photo. I did not believe that the picture would turn out. This is some magic!!! Thanks to my husband for the wonderful gift!

Ring String Set
Sold out! Pre-order only!
  • Package sizes: 57.2 x 52 x 7 cm
  • Package weight: 3.4 kg
  • Sizes of created art image: 50 x 50 cm
  • Assembly time: ~6 hours
  • Your photo diameter on the picture: 46 cm
  • Price per piece: € 99,00
  • We will send your order
    30 maart 2023
  • Quantity: 1
  • Total: € 99,00
  • It will take just 2 minutes to finish your order.
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