Frequently Asked Questions

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RingString is the world’s first string art based on any of your photos, that you assemble yourself with an online voice instructor or with a printed PDF instruction. RingString isn’t just an enticing hobby, but also is a great gift, that is sure to surprise anyone! The most important thing about our string art is its versatility! You can gift it either in a box, or as a portrait that you lovingly created yourself!

It takes only three simple steps: 1. Buy a RingString set 2. Upload your photo using the unique code from your paper manual 3. Put on our meditative background music and assemble your picture, guided by our voice assistant!

Our generator can create an instruction based on any photo or picture of yours, but we recommend to create portraits, zooming in on facial features for better quality of the final picture.

Following the paper manual inside the package, enter your unique code on the website and upload your photo. Then, select the assembly variant you like and start creating your art!

On average, it takes 6 hours to finish your picture.

To help you with this we have added the pin search function to our generator, so that you could find the pin you stopped at. It is located in the top left corner. Information on how to use it can be found in the paper manual.

We hope that it won’t happen, because we tried really hard to make our instructions as thorough as possible. Still, if you have been moving your string in a wrong direction for last several steps, it isn’t a problem – the finished picture won’t look bad. Yet, to continue assembling correctly, enter the pin you stopped at in the search bar and the generator will return back to it. Otherwise, you can unweave the string a several steps back.

Our generator is made to suit you, and you are free to control the speed of assembly and voiceover in the generator, by either increasing and decreasing the speed.

We order our strings from the largest supplier, who guarantees quality and durability, but we still recommend you not to pull the string too hard. If the string will break, you can tie two of its ends with a knot; it won’t affect the look of the final picture.

It is impossible since the pins are inserted securely into the base. Thus, we do not include spare pins.

On the back of the base there is a mounting, using which you can hang your picture on the wall.

Our recommended age is 14+, but we have created a very thorough instruction as well as an intuitive generator, so that under adult supervision children starting from 8 years old can assemble pictures as well.

Right after generating an instruction for assembly, files used for generation are deleted.

With every pack of Ring String we give you one unique code, and it is always inside of Ring String box. It is required to access web application and get assembly instructions. With one code you can try as much photos as you want, before you request an instructions. But you can request instructions not more than 3 times from web application wiht one code. It should be sufficient to make one artwork.

If you are experiencing some technical issue, with our web application, please reach out to technical department:

We see the main idea of our product in the assembly process of your particular photo, so we do not produce already made pictures.

You can look up our picture gallery: and select one there.

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